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          Sports Grass

          LvyinSports turf products through the certification authority of national sports goods quality supervision and inspection center and other institutions, including the application of football, hockey field, stadium gate, cage football field, multi-purpose sports field and many other types of sports venues.

          Landscape Grass

          Lvyin production of anti aging UV landscape lawn, through international SGS testing, health and safety, and can be applied to the residential landscape, nursery, garden greening, commercial land, golf course, municipal greening, interior decoration and other fields.

          Leisure Grass

          Lvyin earliest production of leisure grass of one of the manufacturers, the production of lawn leisure UV anti aging, health and safety, can be applied to engineering wall, kindergarten, courtyard greening, municipal greening, interior decoration, corridors, villas, roof and other fields.

          Wuxi Lvyin Artificial Turf Co.,ltd. exhibition information

          Wuxi Lvyin Artificial Turf Co.,ltd. exhibition information
          [ 2017/3/29 ]
          Wuxi Lvyin Artificial Turf Co.,ltd. Shanghai exhibition, the German exhibition details.
          [ 2017/3/24 ]
          Especially the overhead corridor has solved as many as 150 thousand people safe evacuation and the human vehicle shunting. Dig up the mountain lake, forming a mountain with water, lush vegetation, the decoration of the n...
          [ 2017/3/24 ]
          Management includes the management of special tools and artificial turf. A special tool,the main tools for artificial turf field should be equipped with broom, mop, dustbin and so on. 1 broom, as far as possible on th...
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          Wuxi Lvyin Artificial Turf Co.,ltd.
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